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Y'all can skip this one. I am wanking.

Watching customers today reminded me why this whole "be fair to the accused" in school sexual assault cases burns my toast. In my school days if a girl had breasts that was enough of an invitation to assault her. If her shirt was too tight, too loose, too thin, had buttons or a zipper, twisted when she moved, if her bra was at all visible, if the outline of the bra across her back was visible- if you could see even the suggestion of her having breasts under there for a moment? Men were allowed to touch and grab. Period. Boys will be boys.
Even a woman following the rules, Men were allowed to sneak up behind, seize the woman by the shoulders and shake her violently to try to make her breasts visible by jiggle. This was a great joke.
How about her butt? Any sign there is one? Grab it! Reach on up under the skirt. Did she bend even slightly to get something in front of her? Hey, where did you think the locker room talk came from, eh? You dont actually need to be rich or President. Rich men just get the added assumption that not only /can/ they grab but that the women will /like it/.
Women will be women?

I really hate the planet some days.

Just because female customers today feel a (odd) sense of freedom to wear yoga pants and have their bra hooks out there for anyone to twang and no one does -it does not mean sexual assault is gone. It is not a fiction. It isnt an attention getting ploy. It isnt a misunderstanding.
"I didnt know she was /that/ drunk. I was pretty drunk myself."
No, dude. No. If she's at all drunk -you stop. If you are drunk -you stop. If you're the mobile one you sure as shooting STOP. If you are so afraid of false accusations -STOP. Get your **** out of accusation range!

There're how you stop assault /and/ false accusations. Stay out of range. And dont you boys dare give any lip about it being inconvient and burdensome and flawed. HA!
Every girl is sent to college with the "safety" speech in her ears. Catch up time boys. Ignore at your own risk.

Solving the world's problems one grand sweeping irk-feuled gesture at a time! LOL
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