alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Weekend n stuff

My pres is a useless piece of dangling male anatomy.
That is all I have to say to the SHINY. Tis all I need to say. Not feeding the SHINY

Trevor Noah's bit on "when can blacks protest?" in Dr Suess form was awesome.
Lin Manuel is awesome. Many people are awesome. Want to give a shout out to someone you find awesome?

What are you doing this weekend? I am prob falling over and sleeping for days. I'd really like to sew, but my friend who has a machine is a quilter and my "eh, who needs a pattern?" style drives her bonkers. Heh
However I have been waiting for like...10 years+ for her to finish even 1 thing for me. I can neither expect nor wait for her to do this stuff. Which is fair.
My way or the highway.

Creepy fall time. Trying to think of the best spooky stories I know. The Crystal Bell was a little creepy but it is also somewhat predictable.

I would /love/ to rediscover a short story I read as a youth about a group of kids out in the country who (i think) find a meteor? and are intregied by the glow inside so hide it from adults in a barn. There they see a bug crawl across the rock and the glow swallows the bug and gets a little bigger. They start feeding it bugs. They eventually give it a larger animal (chicken?) and it gets as big as them. Some are thinking they should tell the adults. I think a dog follows the kids and barks at the thing and it -moves- to swallow up the dog. The kids are realizing what a bad idea this all is and how they will prob not get the opportunity to tell adults, ever. Not that it really matters because the adults arent going to be around much longer either...
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