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American Gods sidenote: Forgot to mention I have hearts for Orlando Jones as Mr. Nancy too. He's pitch perfect and captivating with his character. Good on ya.
Surprisingly, or maybe not, I am pretty Eh about the main character, which I hasten to add is down to the character and not the fault of writing nor the actor. The actor is really good with what he has to work with. His character has a long journey and by necessity growth is slow. So... yeah. Well, ok, maybe a little more "huh. I dont know what to make of that" would help.

In other news, I like my charm bracelet. Didnt think I'd ever go for round bead charms but I am grateful how much banging around they can take, unlike my delicate antique dangly silver charms which I am too afraid to wear. I wear the new one every day, if I dont forget it. Lets not discuss the costs.

MUSIC: "Shady" by Adam Lampert. Dang he snuck back in.
"Even the Saved Need Saving" by Selwyn Birchwood. Blues. Good moniker, ne?
"Your Mind is on Vacation" by Mose Allison. Blues being insulting. Heh. I prefer the slow version, fyi.

Movie: Loving Vincent. Heard about it? It sounds VURY visually interesting. Artists handpainted each frame. World's first painted animation film. Tis sort of a mystery story tied into Vangogh's paintings. But the animation is what I will be looking at. 65,000 frames of art. Trailer here

Oy! Coworker in line in front of me had a big 3D Totoro phone case. So cute!

Where is the Mason-Dixon line? I know tis South of me. ;) Yankee!

K, I give up on my friend joining me for dinner. These things happen.

Insomnia 2 nights ago. This morning I had one of my pounding headaches that are not actual headaches. It doesnt hurt, it feels like internal pressure. Like when you hold your breath. Stress and frustration. My urge to just abandon everything and GO is back. Perhaps tis seasonal.

Speaking of seasonal, I am eyeing yet another bodice. Cant decide between 3. Not that I need one. I've 3 perfectly good ones that I wear once a year. WTH am I thinking?
Still havent made /any/ arrangements for my trip. Cuz...I suck at doing things for /me/. If this were for anyone else I'd have been all over it months ago and it would have been good and glorious with all sorts of alternate plans, etc. For me and I get a pressure headache. Grumph!
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