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First, the conservativez are twisting themselves into knots with their explainations (LIES) of "why this aint climate". No, seriously, I sat here with google fact-checking them. LIES. FAKE NEWS. Go crawl away now.

Second, Wow, so much bad disasters. Soooo much. :(

I sat down with a coworker who was texting away on his phone. When he glanced up it was startling how drawn, tired, stressed and fearful he looked. Dark circles were the least of it. Obviously trying to keep it together for work.
"I can't reach any of my family in Puerto Rico."
I am completely crushed for him. Crushed! How completely dreadful to not know /anything/ and yet know something bad might have happened. Not knowing is torture. It is the thin thread holding a sword over your heart. Days of it? Weeks? Not even knowing when you might know something? It could come at any moment? Tick. Tick. Tick. Or not at all? OMG

I told him I would think Good Things and that if he needed /anything/ to let "us", his coworkers, know.

The sad, terrible part is that I realize I have MANY coworkers in exactly the same position. Some have contacted a friend back home in the capital, which is good, but even they dont know about their families.

Thinging Good Thoughts. Really Good Thoughts. Bless em all.

In related news, management sponsored a "basket raffle" with the money going to help hurricane victims. They were hoping to raise $10,000. I hope they did more. But this was organized before hurricane Maria hit so I am curious just where the money will end up? I mean, I dont want to dictate an even spread when the bulk sum would prob do more good in one spot. But. There's so mzny disaster areas - how do you pick one? How do you stop with one? How do we mere lowly working scum keep shelling out when disasters pile up one after another? We already gave until it hurts. Now what?

>.>. <.<
And, not for nothing, I am not expecting hitler to make an effort to help people he doesnt like or need. Altho rumor is that he wants a hotel in PR so...maybe? Since he can get the land cheap. Le sigh.

Good Thoughts. Bless.

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