alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

things going awry

first, the "education" wench is recinding the sexual assault on college campus guidelines. Having a "preponderance of evidence" is out. Having "clear and convincing evidence" is in.
No, seriously, this makes me ill. What the hell 'evidence' is 'convincing'? Every girl in the dorm reporting the same guy attacking them? Cuz that's what it took at my college. Fortunately /I/ had an axe handle within reach when he got around to me. Others were not so lucky.

"Education"? Hrumph! Hmm. Is there a word for someone who sells their soul and is purposefully evil towards others, like goes out of their way to harm others, simply for the money? Cuz my education is limited and most of my ideas are blue words.

In other news, work is depressing me. Act surprised.

And can we /please/ stop messing with the 80s ballad, "Nothing's gonna stop us now" ? Cuz...annoying as F. Wasnt a good song to begin with.

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