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power and corruption

Wow. And how appro that Loki is in the middle of his "Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It's the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation?"

I just learned that my Union is making a power play to crush all resistance in our membership. And it will work because they are LYING to the people. Ruthlessly abusing their position of trust with flagrant deceit. Using their power to target to their advantage and to hide what they are doing from public discovery.
I mean Wow.

I told you 2 years ago that the Union was trying to take over the independent committee that has been here since the begining? That committee is currently run by someone who WAS a union darling but feel out of favor due to...well, our union Pres was fired for corruption and replaced by the brand new Vice. She...rather likes the promotion and whopping paycheck. She has proven that Yes, she will do whatever the Union tells her in order to keep them.
She was the one spreading LIES about me 2 years ago when I even looked like I might support him over her in the election. LIES. I fought hard to salvage my reputation but it has never recovered. She used the other Union representatives to spread these LIES.

You know, like the one where I was maliciously spreading a damb lie /that the Union wanted to take over the committee/? Even though my information was confirmed by everyone else who was in the secret meeting with her when this was planned?
Yeah. Like that. None of the cowards in that meeting were willing to publicly back me up and I am not one to name sources.

I have fought them off for 2 years. But it seems to just be me fighting. No one else has the balls. Everyone is afraid of her.
Dont get me wrong, I'm scared of her too. That having to fight for my reputation HURT.
But I am just one person and, frankly, honestly, people don't often listen to my Cassandra cries. Not a model of a "leader". And I cant fight the entire system on my own. I can fight for other people but not for /everyone/. Geez.

But that the union has slipped this take-over through is... no not impressive. Disturbing. Vastly disturbing.

I am saddened that people sold their souls for money. They enabled this for money. They rejoiced in helping for money. I do wonder if they realize that by crushing and subverting the only independent body they are removing the only shred of resistance to the mighty Union machine that we had. Now the union has a free pass to do whatever it wants with impunity. Not that we have shown any appetite for holding them responsible for any of their tossing us under the bus. But I live in hope. Or rather I did.
Those happy enablers had better pray every damn day that the Union's interests never stray from their own. Cuz they will instantly be shut out in the cold, just like the committee guy.
Or my entire work shift.
Goddess, imagine having to live every day praying you dont do something to piss her off? *shudder*

I fought for 2 years, by the rules of fair play, in the best interests of all my coworkers. They've shut the Committee down for 2 years while we fight. With /luck/, a HUGE amount of luck, we might survive. I already know I'm a much more Zen loser than any of them. LOL!

But Wow.
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