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Violent, genocidal...Buddists? wtf?!
You know about this, right? Buddists!

Clues that the "average" IQ is 100. Possibly lower.
I'm driving to work this morning, still on the backroads, when I approach my last right turn. There's a car parked in the road and a guy in a reflective vest is leaning back against it, arms folded, sunglasses on. I have my blinker on as I get to the stop sign. I can't quite tell if he is supposed to be blocking the whole road or part or what? I point to the road and ask "No?" Nothing. I shake my head, "No?" Nothing. "Closed?" Nothing. Not a twitch.
So I drive up and see if there is indeed room to get by. As I am eyeing the last foot or so he finally gets up and meanders over to my open window.
"No? Is it closed?" I ask.
His reply, "Do you live on this road?"
"No. I'm trying to get to the highway."
"So it is completely closed off?"

I mean...//seriously//. I so f-ing HATE these people. Even the cops are exactly like this.

Btw no signs anywhere. No notice. They just shut down roads whenever they feel. I had to back track and drive around this construction nearly a mile with 3 stop sign and 4 traffic lights to get back to the other end of the block I was trying to get onto.

I am supposed to be meeting a friend who is visiting from far away. Yesterday our plan was "dinner". I just texted and he's playing cards with the friend he's staying with. That's his last message. WTF. It's 9pm.

Did I mention both my brothers blew off my mother's birthday? Despite my saying I'd treat for the dinner party? The second brother is helping a " friend" and frankly this girl is a trainwreck, is constantly in need of serious rescue (like evicted and on sidewalk kinda stuff), and he has been blowing all his time,gas, and money trying to help her out. Over and over. For a year.
Dude. Time to cut bait. Like 9 months ago.
On the other hand, if what he really wants in a woman is a project? A perpetual damaged damsel might be it.
Except he had better stop thinking Mom is going to fund this. Cuz she's ready to cut him off.

So much junk going on...
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