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photos in our minds

i was taking some selfies for work (didnt use any) and as I thought mother would enjoy sering them. i pulled up the first one and she immediately, "Oh! You're scowling there! Dont use that one!"
"No, I'm smiling."
"That's a scowl."
I pulled up more.
"What terrible pictures! You're scowling!"
"Mom, that's my smile. That's how I smile."
My mother drew her finger across in front of her face to indicate a flat line. "This is not a smile. That is a scowl."
"Mom, that's me smiling. I'm smiling."
I flipped open a different one.
"There, /now/ you're smiling!"
"Mom, that's me with no eyes and big yellow horse teeth."
"Horse teeth? Listen to her talk! I have to look at your face. I know when you smile."

I was showing teeth. The others I was not, but I am clearly smiling. my mother just starting another fight? OR is she seriously, truly face blind to all but the most obvious emotional signals and thus misreads me /all the time/ and that's what starts a lot of our fights?

Ok, I have pondered and conclude that she also ignores my tone of voice which is /obvious/ and my other body language AND what I am saying.
Because "mom, leave it alone." Doesnt register with her either.
Nope, she's just a Diva in her own universe.
She rewrites history too. Like seriously to the point where you question your own sanity because you were /there/ but she seems so damn certain her version is right.

I dont have these problems with the rest of the world...

music: Come On Over To My BBQ

(Btw, I don't give a flying damn what Hillary says.)
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