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I remember. I witnessed. My niece and nephew were young children. All they have are our stories. Secondhand. History books. Words on pages. Stones. Memorials. Lectures. Rituals.
I wonder what, if any, rituals will come of it all? Reading names? Waving flags. Moments of silence. Parades?

I visited a few sites today. The comments were filled with... hate. Denial. It is almost as horrifying.

The thing I, the memory I keep closest and tucked into a small place, is the memory of the jumpers. How do you remember that? How do you forget?
The memory I would like to keep is the memory of the brave brave people on the plane that went down in PA.
First responders know they could die. Those people knew they would.

Here's to the victims. Here's to the helpers of every walk of life who reached out in common humanity.

Here's to all the helpers everywhere today doing what they are doing, acts of kindness when others are in need. Bless ya.

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