alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

das boot

LJ is acting weird and shutting me out for no reason. WTF

Coworkers are making noises about my new boot. After asking around the general feeling is that yes technically I am /not/ allowed to wear
1) open toed shoe of any form
2) giant boot in which I might hide things.
3) giant boot that makes me look ungainly.

Terrific. But management hasnt said a word. I dont expect them to utter a PEEP until after the holiday weekend is over. They need all hands on deck.
If they try to peep /after/ and thus deny my holiday pay? I shall shriek down the walls of Jericho, i can tell you that.

It does occur to me that Ren Fair season starts tomorrow...
Hey if work wants to declare me disabled and tell me I cant work? Zooooooom I go!
Tags: health, work

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