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Oh the fun. So, I did win an auction. Whippee freaking dee. And, being all the happy, I bounced over and clicked the blinky little paypal button. "Payment pending", it said. I went on my happy little way. 2 days later still "Payment pending". Hrm. I went to paypal's happy, blinky little site and found the word "Unconfirmed" under my name. I clicked the link and it //appeared// to mean that my shipping address was unconfirmed by the wonder wizards of paypal. I wrote to the seller, "I don't know why it says that, but that is my shipping address" and blah blah blah. But the paypal site ALSO said that the payment would be pending for 4 days. Great! Should go through and I'll have my cup by the end of next week and then I can shake this consuming cup addiction at last. Yay.

But no. Noooo. Why the hell would it be THAT simple? Nooooo.
No, end of day three I get an email from the seller, "The check was canceled. I didn't do it. Did you?" And day four I check my email to find this and a note from paypal. WTF? I go to paypal's site and find...they're using the wrong account. My bank was bought out last year and even though the account number is the same, it somehow ISN'T and paypal rejected my request. Argh! get this straitened out, I have to register the new account number with paypal. But wait! The only way to do this takes 3 days to process. And once the account is registered, it will take another FOUR days for another check to clear paypal.


Did I mention in the meanwhile I had bid on 2 other things and won those auctions? Because I did. And now I am wondering just how the hell I'm going to pay those while I wait for the FAST EASY SAFE f*cking paypal to be FAST EASY SAFE.

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