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I finally watched Hugo. Martin S made that? Huh. I was not entirely impressed with the direction and pacing and a few of the plot points just...wha? Emotionally does not bring it.

I bought "Kama Sutra". A love story. Not a happy one. It involves sex scenes and shows her naked but I think it rates one X. I do not watch for the sex. The story is pretty good and I find the school fascinating.

My mother had me watch "Lion". We watched that indian movie about the quiz show together when that came out. This one had much of the same epic sweep and slooooow pacing. It did not wander off point nearly as far. It did give emotional punch. I could not be convinced to watch it again. Not my thing.
I'm just /not/ Oscar film target audience.
I think David, who played the father, petitioned to take his shirt off. Heh. He played very sweet.
Nicole won something for that? For one monolog? Okay.

Seen any good movies lately?
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