alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

I like my charm bracelet. Do you have one? Any jewelry passed down to you? Any you are passing down?

What was your last craft project? Did you finish? Do you like it? Got another in the works?

Have you ever had peanutbutter and spagetti?

Favorite holiday candy?

Have you been to the beach this year?

If someone looked at your bookcase - the majority of your books would be which genre?

When is the last time you were a tourist?

What do you own that is completely impractical but you love it?

Do you know the proper way to polish shoes? When is the last time you did?

If you found yourself in an all white room with no doors or windows - what would you do?

  • Friday

    Somebody say "Friday?"

  • Red carpet dress

    This is how you DO it "How will I find you at the party?" "I'll be the only one on the stairs. Just me." Drama QUEEN. All she needs is police…

  • Oh crumbs!

    What's your Halloween costume? I'm going as a cake!

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