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Patron Saint of

Yes, I'm still working on this.

I think I will be the patron saint of procrastination. You can invoke me. Sure. I'll get back to you.
Nice low stress gig.
"Hey! You were supposed to protect me while I was procrastinating!"
"Yeah, got it. It's on my list. You totally made the list."

Of course the smarter people will invoke me to cause /others/ to procrastinate.
Student, "He's going to give a pop-quiz! Help!"
Patron Saint, "Oh yeah? Lemme see. Ooo. Yep, that's a quiz. You could give a pop quiz. I suppose. If you really felt like it right exactly now. But look! SHINY!" *glitter glint*
Teach, "Um...everyone re-read chapter 4 quietly while I look at the shiny..."

I could do that.

I wouldn't get any respect though.
Patron Saint, "Hey! I procrastinated your Teacher. Aren't you gonna give me props?"
Student, "Oh! Um...yeah. It's on my list."
Me, "..."

Hey, student. You know that report that's worth half your grade? Heh. Heh heh. You like to skateboard, right? *glitter glint*

My goodness. I'm an Evil Patron Saint!

I could do this. I could so do this. :)

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