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It's Wed

So! My Pres is an idiot. He's a racist. He's snapped out condemnations (wtf ones) against his lack of condemnation faster than...than he fired The Mooch! Babyhands's a bad man morally and ethically and we KNEW that.
Moving on.

In other NEWS...a couple in Florida blew up their SUV while they were driving it. They apparently loaded their propane gas grill in the back of the SUV, prob fun day at the beach. They forgot to turn the gas off on the grill. When the woman tried to light her cigarette...
I'm just. How do you not smell leaking propane filling your car? If you do, how do you reach for FIRE?
Blew the roof off, windshield out, destroyed the vehicle and wrecked the car next to it on the road. The couple got some burns but will recover.

U S A! U S A! U S A?

Did I mention I got the skeleton charm?

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