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Thursday and shopping.

Ok, thursday I shall tell about my shopping earlier this week. Remember the Love Goat silver bead? Well she ordered a whole bunch of other beads on my list. I felt somewhat obligied to purchase.
I very much like the blue glass bead glows in the dark! And turns green under UV. Not that I spend any time under black lights.
I also really like the bowlerhat/umbrella bead. So Steed and London and yay! And my friend gifted it to me.
The viking ship is smaller than I expected. Kinda tiny. But its ok.
The other beads I'm not completely sold on. If you buyb3 you get another free so I got a griffen poised like a carousel animal, but again it is tiny. And the last is supposed to be a dragon curled around the bracelet chain and holding a heart. It takes a lot of imagination and squinting to make it out. More effort and less reward than I would like.
I'm trying really hard not to think about how much this costs. Like I could buy /real/ jewelry for these kinda prices. But it is for a good cause because I'm supporting my friend's store, right? Right. And I have something to show for it afterwards. Good.

I think I will get the skeleton (amazing detail on that one!) and the starry sky (doctor who) and maybe another flower. ...prob stop there.

>.> <.<
Except maybe the lion dance bead. It is pretty cool.

I am a sucker. :(

The beads I like I really like.
Tags: shopping

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