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Music: Control by halsey
glitter and gold by barns courtney

I post music in the theory that at some future point I shall have access to a gadget that will play music I select. Right now that is a CD player and while I have a bunch of CDs that format is really not ideal. I like one or two song per CD. One or two songs per group, really. I like a lot of music but a variety. Or maybe the same music just done by different artists. *shrug* I am trying to compile a list for that future gadget time.
I am also a cheap bastard and feel kinda ripped off to purchase a song I'm only going to listen to every once and again.
For petes sake I bought all the LOTR dvds and have never watched them. Whats the point of purchasing?

Giant Puppets. Yet another fandom of one. *shrug*

Anyone going to see The Dark Tower? I kinda want to if only to support Idris.

Politics: well, shoot. Things are moving way too fast to keep up. Colbert is doing a bit tonight "things that lasted longer than Mooch"
OMG. I just realized that in all likelyhood Mooch will be completely forgotten in short order. I may never have to hear about him again except in a crime report. This gives me a Happy! :D
And Wussia? Hey we did kick a bunch out for messing with Democracy. Aren't you kinda glad there's been a pouty-face reaction to that over there? Finally?
Not that this doesn't all make me feel like this is simply fine-tuning adjustments on manipulating public opinions. Cuz...yeah. "Oops, little too far. Ok, notch it back the other way and we'll try again later."
What? Me worry? I'm not bothered!

I texted my brother, who btw spends most weekends playing LARP, about the ESPN "bad fantasy" ad. He said, "Yeah one of the guys is in my group so we're cool with it." And I'm like, "Dude! Sellout! Are you getting paid? Am I getting paid? No! The ad insults me and you and everyone who was a geek instead of a jock! And your friend helped them do it? You tell him that I will slap him silly! Thanks for the backstab."

ok, I didnt send that text. But I'm going to send something to try to exp!ain those points only with less venting. Jerks.
Tags: lyrics, movies, tv

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