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Now you're cooking with (out) gas!

Yesteday I was listening to NPR (shocker) and I think the program wzas "Science Friday"? The episode was on cooking without heat. Cuz summer, right? Science!
The scientist brought in a bunch of foods; scallops in lime n vinegar (acid cooking) and beef jerky (dehydration of course) and what caught my attention
Salt Cured Egg Yolk.
This is apparently a thing. In fact it is apparently a hugely popular, incredibly tasty thing! Like melt in your mouth cheese. Umami. "Liquid carbonara" as this site describes it

Basically you take a cup, put in 1/2 inch of salt, drop in raw egg yolk, cover with 1/2 salt and place in fridge for a week. Sans moisture the egg yolk is cured and can be grated over whatever needs golden curls of cheesy goodness. You may also add sugar and herbs to the cure.

Ever heard of this? Let me know if you try it!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... it is Summertime! Sum sum summertime.
What is your go-to summertime drink?
I go for lemonade. So traditional. I do prefer pink lemonade. Strawberries. Mmmm.
What is your summertime meal? Hotdogs? Bbq? Corn on the cob?
What is your summertime dessert? I go for watermelon.
What is your summertime frozen treat? If you say ice cream you have to be specific.
When is the last time you bought ice cream from a truck or roadside stand?
Do you visit fsrmer's markets?
Do you wear flipflops?
Are you going to the beach?

Inquiring minds want to know!! (name that reference)

edit: Science Friday, segment "Food Failures" (which are really cures for failures) and episode title "no-heat cooking". Which reminds me to loom up salted lemons...

Music: Revenge (is gonna be mine) from OUAT
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