alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

I am so behind the times...

Perhaps you have heard that Queen will be/is touring with a guest front singer? Adam? I thought they meant Adam front man of Maroon 5. Ew. I mean ok maaaybe? but he seems the sort to put himself before the song if you know what I mean. Nothing I'd go see.
But no, they mean Adam Lambert who was on one of those reality singing shows. Came out. Wore eyeliner.

His hip moves are /phenomenal/, btw.

and while I'm not a fan, after watching a little of his bohemian rhapsody...I am comfortable with him fronting Queen for however long they want. He does make the songs personal but he does it in a respectful way.
(start about :54)


anyone seen him perform?
Tags: lyrics

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