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This Cracks Me Up- ok, i am trying to catch up on tv series Once Upon A Time. I am scrolling through youtube and discover a new Ship. Captain Hook + Floor. Captain Flooring or Flook for short. This character has had the stuffings beaten out of him so often it's /multiple videos/
I like the tubthumping music but i think the Benny Hill music is just funnier.

Weather. Well it was so muggy this morn I had trouble breathing. And tomorrow should be worse with added sun! Yaaaay!

I took a mental health day yesterday. Honestly, if I couldn't get the hell away from work at least once a month I would not be able to show up at all. I count blessings that my job sitiation allows for this...most of the time.

I am still not sleeping well. If it ain't one thing it's another. Like construction work starting 2 hours before my alarm.

I bought new shoes and insoles with the most toe and heel cushions and added arch support. My feet still hurt; still tingles and heel pain but lessened. Or I'm imagining it less cuz right now my dogs are barking!

I visited a friend yesterday. Does it say something that my 2 best friends are both trapped in marriages to reaaaaaally crappy, unappreciative, self-absorbed men? Who...yeah, are also crappy dads!
I wish I knew what to tell my friends. It hurts to see them hurt. They are both totally wonderful women who somehow still deeply love their mates. I dont know what to say other than to try to validate that Yes this is unacceptable! Yes, you should be upset!
I do not push them to divorce because that is not what they want. Nor has there been any kind of subtle hints that I should beat the crap outta the guys. Damnit.
I don't know what to tell any of them or the kids. It sucks.

This is why I am really Ok with being single and thank my stars that I am self-sufficiant ***knock on wood***

I am buying more beads for my bracelet. I am vetty interested in the dala horse and the love goat...cuz of you, Random. :)
I think a love goat is just something I need. heh.
I am also eyeing the bowler hat+umbrella bead, but I might get talked into the Alice's Teaparty bead because there's a lot going on there.
Blue, what you think?

Charlie, there's a tropical island bead with palm trees if you ever thought about a charm bracelet?

btw, to the guy going on about how christains are stupid and religion is stupid and only stupid people yadda yadda -
Dude, atheists are not immune to stupid. At all.

Stupid for everyone! There's plenty to go around.

Like for instance blanket statements about groups of people when your issue is with a certain subset... ahem.

I look forward to the like-a-hotdog Eddie Izzard being elected somewhere. He will prob work extremely hard for his electorate. And rock the heels.

Which reminds me. Dear hitler, when you say don't listen to the naysayers - dude, some of those naysayers are cops and some are lawyers and some are even trying to work in /your best interest/. Idiot.

Last point- I am offended by this mocking of Session's accent. No, just because he has a drawl does NOT make him stupid. Check that crap at the door.
While I am thnking of it- is it really Ok to make fun of Session's /looks/? Because your nose got completely out of joint when there were remarks about the congress woman's hair. I am not comfortable with this double standard. I mean, it feels far worse when pointed at a woman, but it really shouldn't be a double standard.
Unless you look like a Cheeto and it is something you did to yourself. Then you have to expect people to call you out on it.

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