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Last week i needed a sweater, this week we had a heatwave.
The trees are being eaten BARE by the caterpillers as the gypsy moths surpass the damage done by the tent caterpillers. It's kinda stunning and creepy to see.
"A bad year for gypsy moths"
Well when was the last /good/ year? No wonder our trees are all dying and getting ripped apart in storms. Heck the bugs are moving on to the Pine trees!

In other news, saw this sign from the march over the weekend "i am made in God's image, Not in your image of God"
And it reminded me of "God loves infinite variety!"

Btw, the leg cramps and hot flashes are less. The heel pain is starting up again. Cuz i can't win! :p

Victorian Slum House was a good series. I am a tad disappointed in 'Father Brown' since they replaced the Lady with some featherhead girl and got rid of the driver. But what can ya do.
Ooo i know! I picked up a couple episodes of early Farscspe! That might entertain me later.

Got plans for Father's Day?
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