alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Yay more shootings! Political, maybe. Whackjob definitely. And workplace!

I've noticed the eroding of care overall. No longer weeks of We Are (labeled targeted group), or days. We're not even trotting out the phrase today.

I await the Republicans demanding strong gun laws...
Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! I crack me up. :)

In seriousness - Don't frickin /martyr/ the political dunderheads, you dunderhead!! Or at least wait until the very eve of some vote you feel that strongly about!
This? Hurts the cause.

And please do not think i am so insensitive as to lose sight of what is important. People were targeted and shot. It is horrific and my good wishes go out to the victims and all those impacted. (New term.)
And all of us should not overlook the other mass shooting today and my good wishes go out to those who survived and my deepest sympathizes to the families of those killed. It is horrific.
Tags: politics

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