alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Still unsure

Do i go to dc or no? It is car rental for 4 days? plus hotel for 2? Or maybe just one. So we're talking $600-ish. Dont know a safe area in dc to stay.
Or just send the kid a check?
On the one hand, my family has shuttered me out and this is an opportunity to end run around them thus proving to the kid i do in fact give a damn
On the other, while i give a damn do i really need to make the effort which may not be appreciated or have any impact? Is one gesture meaning anything? Will this just make waves no one needs? Because it isnt as if i'll see the kid after this - he's starting his life and he's only seen me on the odd christmas time...

I dunno. I don't care enough to have the decision made.

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