alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

From the Department of Time

Time Lords, that is.

I've been watching Doctor Who fan vids tonight. There was a cross-over one with my show and you know how the vortex can just suck you in.
1. I don't watch Doctor Who anymore in large part because he's broken my heart too many times.
2. Sarah Jane remains the best ever.
3. I got into so much trouble with mother for my love of the show as a teen. I had a poster secreted away inside my roll-up blind. I watched it on stations so bad that it was a guessing game as to which bit of snow was the one talking. Now...I can sit here watching on a screen the size of one of the paperbacks mother threw away.

Time time time see what's become of me

(And apparently i like the sound of Florence &The Machine in several songs)
Tags: folks, mood, tv

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