alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Happy earth day. march for Science!

I appreciate Bill Nye more and more. You go, boy!

What else? Am still fighting off a cold but not putting as much effort in as i could because it is very mild. Go Go gadget Zinc! Wonderful science stuff. :)
I was in the thrift shop and saw something a little odd. Bought it and brought it to my friend who play Ukelele and she squealed with delight because it was in fact a glass slide for stringed instruments. Fifty cents. Sometimes one finds treasures. :)
Yesterday I took a Mental Health Day cuz I needed it. I've been locked into working the same areas on the worst jobs for 2 months and filling in extra for other people and...NO. So I called out. Slept, watched tv, and ate my last white chocolate polar bear. Milky bar. Got nothing done. And i do have a long list of things I need to get to.

We're cold and raining. How's by you? Did you march?

Hey did you even know about a Day of Silence to support LGBTetc? That came out of left field for me.

Music: Bourbon Street, by Jeff Tuohy.
Tags: links, lyrics

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