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Here's what I haven't said

You know how I have complained from time to time about numbers not adding in my head? Last week it happened again. Only...I didn't get a wrong answer, I didn't get any answer. The numbers didn't mean anything. I was looking at 8 6 8 but the idea that they mean something and what I was supposed to do next? *poof* As if the neurons that connect these concepts never fired. Pathways that have been in place since 1st grade.
It was really weird. Disconcerting to say the least. My brain did kick in after a long couple beats but then it happened again. And again. For like a good 5 minutes things in my world kept disconnecting and leaving me in a void.
Which made me question early onset.
Either that or the menopause 'forgetfulness' i hear about. I'd like to believe it is the latter, if that is what that's like, but it has really made me consider the possibility of early onset. What would that mean for me?
Trip to England for sure before I can't travel solo.
Certainly i should make more of an effort with the diet and exercise. Maybe buy a piano keyboard.

I dunno. Just weird. Neurons.

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