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I'm not sure what annoys me more- that the Senate just voted to defund my Planned Parenthood with Mike Putz casting the tie breaking vote OR that the House had their vote to defund about a month ago and I had no idea until today. Wtf
Great guys. Now there will be /more/ abortions because women wont have access to contraception. Do you care? No. Wtf.
And women will die from undiagnosed cancer. Do you care? No. And your children will get and pass on STD to each other and die. Do you care? No.
Nah, it's just the poor people effected. No care. Until it maybe isn't just them? Naaaah, that'll never happen.
Must keep the population down! We can't rely on lead poisoning.

"Help! I'm being repressed! I'm being repressed! Witness the violence inherent in the system!"
Tags: politics

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