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Stray Cat


There's a bunch of cats that hang around this street. Tonight the talkative white tom cat came around. I'm not that familiar with him. He usually keeps his distance from the other cats and is a little shy as this is not his turf. But tonight it was just him. I put a little food out and ...I don't know why I did this because I don't usually bother, but I turned the porch light on.
OMG his ear is a bloody, filthy mess! Shockingly so. Scraped or cut or whatever it is simply AWFUL. Too icky to describe to you good folks. Poor kitty!
But I have two cats already. I don't know what illness he may have so I can't let him in. I can't keep him overnight and take him to the vet in the morning. It is 10 degrees out so I can't even attempt to clean that mess because whatever I put on will just freeze and that is not good.
So I did the only thing I can do. Put out more food and a bowl of clean water and have my fingers crossed that SOMEONE will take responsibility for the poor guy and get him help. And I'll look for him tomorrow before work and IF I see him, try to get him into a box and take him to the vet with the cat shelter. Because I can't keep him even if he is a big white kitty.
If he doesn't have a home and I can get him into a shelter, maybe I can name him. I'm thinking something boy-friendly. Maybe the name of some sports caster because this cat loves to talk.

But I really hope he has a loving home right now and that someone will take care of him tonight.

Poor guy.

side note: I was telling this story to my mother over the phone and I got about as far as saying that he has an injury to his ear and my mother immediately got THAT tone, "Oh you CAN'T have another cat dear." No frelling DUH, Mother.
She can really press my buttons.
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