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Doctor Who vid

*ponder* are they still called vids? Or videos? Is there a new term i am missing?

Anyway came across this on youtube. Keeping in mind i havent watched DW since doc10, i thought this vid of doc12 and clara was excellent. Smooth editing, nice choices towards a video arc and well done sound mixing between the episode dialog and the backbround song. I also havent heard the song before so bit of a bonus there for me.
If you have not seen companion Clara, or even if you have, this vid may contain spoilers so...

If the link doesnt work for you it is titled "pulse" and made by katrindepp. I am not impressed enuf to forgive that name choice but on the other hand look at my journal name and tell me not to throw stones.

Fyi he/she/et also does vids for BUFFY. Just saying.

In other news- as I observe my generous use and abuse of commas I am reminded that I saw a recent news story about a legal case involving the use of the Oxford comma, or specifically the lack of it. As I recall there is a contract dispute over whether overtime may or may not be collected by truck drivers because the contract states something about a list of workers that ends with "those involved with the packaaging and the distribution of (product)". The truckers say "We only distribute. Other workers package and they alone are specified. Workers, workers, workers who package and distribute. Ergo not us." There are many $millions riding on this case. I just find that enlightening.
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