alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Happy Spring!

Hope it is for you. I've seen maybe 2 robins looking slightly worse for wear and a lot of snow. Best wishes to the robins.

Personal reminder: Girl, you gotta remember to grab some copies of the new contract and send them around. And pay the water bill. Oo and maybe check to see if the thrift shop still has the brown boots? Cuz, yeah, like you need to buy any additional clothing. Dont even wear brown.

Clothing! I went to the fabric store to buy stuff to make summer shirts /for my friends/ annnnnd bought gold fabric to make myself a "mega bodice dress" as seen on Moresca site. (Btw that name is far grander than the clothes, just saying.)
Is this related to my newer obsession with I honestly couldn't tell you. Maybe it is simply it is Spring and I am sick of black and red. May pair it with midnight blue? *drool*

Music: been listening to Avril Levin sing "give you what you like". I dig the simple arrangement, the feeling behind the song, and the way her voice kinda almost cracks yet nails the high notes. Cool.
Tags: links, music, shopping, tv

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