alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Silly more fun

1) new Simon's cat out now?

2) the lyrics to "if i had a million dollars"? LOL! (Haven't you always wanted a monkey?)

3) hamster dance stuck in my head

3) tv show "spy in nhe wild." Nature film makers put cameras in anamatronic animals and filmed the other animals around. Really good close-up footage of normally skittish animals. And apparently animals do not have that Uncanny Valley thing. I mean, you can see they recognize there's something odx about the robots, but they do not have our reaction of "omg zombies!!!!" Some of the reactions are darn funny however that isn't the point of the show.
Watch that and EarthFlight. The latter is more straitforward nature show with, again, amazing close-ups.

4) Today i saw a group of construction workers carrying equipment, going to pick up a crane to do work in the rafters. My first impression of 3 guys walking by with harnesses and yards of electrical cord? "I don't want to know their weekend plans!" :D
My second reaction was, "Wait, 3 construction workers, harnesses, and electrical cord? That's my Valentine's Day wishlist!"
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