alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Beauty to mine eyes

The Minack Theatre webcam is showing particulairly lovely view this morning. The sun is casting the stones in gold, the sky is Alice blue, there's a roll of white clouds tucked over the cliffs, the grass is springy kelly green, and the sea is rolling from true blue to aquamarine, waves casting a white lace on the distant shore, crashing up the rocks in the foreground. I can even see sea birds winging by catching breakfast. Or elevensies? Tis 5 here.
Ooo now the skies take a stormy cast and the ocean a pale green. Almost pistachio. There is a tent set up.

Heart for webcams. I hold a window in my palm. This is such an unexpected gift.

If I could, I should like to have a view like this from my home window. What splendor.

(Off subject, there's a certain keyholder, one of 3, whom I should like to buy a drink. Silence in the House. Such a cutie.)

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