alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Which Ad won?

In your humble opinion?
Did you see many?

I liked Bai, bai, bai. And audi. And airb&b.

Ok I wasnt going to but... WTH. As i do after every big sporting event that is dramatic and goes to the last possible minute (check your stats) and Gee, sells a lot of ads - here's a hypothetical: what if you found out that your favorite sport was as rigged as pro-wrestling?

And can someone please explain why fans are so proud to be so loyal to a Name? Because that's all it is. Players come for the money, players leave for the money. Bosses hire, fire and trade for the money. Teams are suddenly moved for the money. There is a lot of talk of appreciating the fans but...Money. Zero loyalty except to money. So what gives?

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