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Shopping therapy

Happy Asian New Year!!!!!
Do, must, check out Lion Dance competition vids. Even if you don't care about giant puppets (i do) the athletic ability, precision, and teamwork are damn impresssive. Jumping and leaping onto and over wires and obstacles? Amazing. While trying to look like a big Muppet animal? Love it!

Moving on-
I have noticed the secondhand shops have a far lower quality of stuff theze past 2 months. I wonder what that means...
Anyway, i had an urge to buy pink fleece material so i could make a hat. Mission accomplished! Even bought extra in case i feel generous enough to give a couple away. However i then visited the clearence section and went a little off the rails. Came home with yards of sheer pink gauze to make a new shirt to go with my belly dancing ensemble (which i never wear!) As well as some hot pink textured material with orange threads through it to accent the belly dance bra. Then oodles of lucious gold satin material with black embroidered fleur de lis to make an underskirt for my theoretical black tudor outfit. Ooo! Now, do i try to make black puffed sleeves where the extra gold fabric fluffs through the slashes OR do i make plain black sleeves but with the giant rolled back cuffs that show the gold fabric lining?
Hmm, she hmmed!
I have a great imagination and zero sewing ability. :)

At least i'm not whining today! Course i haven't checked the news yet. LOL!

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