alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

I am Nasty Woman, hear me donate.

1) Don't lose those pink hats! It's going to be a long 4 years.
2) the Women's March site has more stuff to do. Check it out!

3) I couldn't make it to the Woman's March cuz i had to work. So I rang up Planned Parenthood and donated to my cause. In pense's "honor" because as long as I am giving the finger I want to do it with both hands!
I am Pro-Choice. I am for, yes, facing the consequences of your actions. Anti-abortion people want to do only the easy part and pass judgement and then walk away from the consequences of /their/ actions. F 'em sideways.

I've never donated politically before. Oh that once on my tax return, but that doesn't count. I have utilized PP for health checks and screening and paid full price to support them, but that doesn't count either.
I just really /really/ feel strongly about the right to make decisions for my own children and my own body.

You know, thinking about it, hitler smallhands is prob in for 8 years. I mean, he is going to be orgasmic about being the center of attention for the World for 4 years. You really think he's going to let that go? No! He's going to do /whatever it takes/ to stay in office. If he has to build the wall with hiz baby hands, if he has to start a war, if he has to hire russia to poison his foes - whatever it takes. Mark my words.

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