alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

I really want to post

But i cant think of any of the dozen or so things the float around my brain to post when i dont have any access. Unfair!
It snowed. Quite a lot more than forecast. My landlord did not plow until the next day. At 7:30 am... And then he buried my car that i had already dug out twice during the storm. Le sigh.
The shooting in Florida? I don't even care. Havent checked the news. "Another."
Who the ---- is Sherlock texting!? Who could possibly be sharing this sudden schaedenfraud he's developed? Who???
I watched the original "born yesterday". Billie is mesmerizingly beautiful. Trust me.
Also " blazing saddles" and i miss Gene. Also "the awful truth" and, honey, clooney couldnt touch cary grant with nothing. Hell to the No.
My actor i obsess over is doing another stage production and i may skip seeing him this time. What's wrong with this picture?
Oo Man From Uncle! I've been wondering if Thrush had their own versions of Solo and Kuryakin - what would they be like? Would you have liked to see the boys playing against the boys as worthy rivals? I think it could have been fun. What say you? What would they be like?

Ok, maybe i'll get an answer from this week's sherlock...

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    Hrmmm. But do I really need a... YAAAAAAAAAAAAZ!!! DRESS LIGHTZ UP? NO ASK! GIVE! GIVE!! CHANGEZ! COLOURZ!! *inner toddler brain splode*

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