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Gung Hay Fat Choi!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Kung hei fat choi! (Etc.)
Happy New Year! Congratulations and Be Prosperous!
Chi fan mei you? Have you eaten?

Okay, first - Why the multiple greetings and spellings? It's Chinese. A language that puts English to shame in its complexity. So much so that there are multiple systems that try to give English speakers a phonetic way to say Chinese words - and you really have to know Chinese before they make any sense to you. Helpful! Throw in that the Chinese apparently love word play and the rest of us can pretty much pack up and go home. (Just kidding.)
But okay, by word play I mean things like the Chinese word for "fish" sounds like the word for "wealth" or not, depending up on where you are. Did I mention there are a gillion dialects? (Keep packing.)
Not that other people do not enjoy word play.

So I've survived Chinese New Year at work. At least the first day of it. BUSY. Crowded. Bunch of non-tipping tourists. Yay. Love working 3 times as hard for no money.
The rumor mill at work is busy grinding. The casino, poor little thing, is SO BROKE that they will remove one of our cafeterias entirely and put in vending machines while in the other cafeteria they will start charging us for food and taking the money out of our paycheck. Yay. I know most of the rest of the planet does not get a free lunch at their job, but y'all also have the opportunity to LEAVE and get lunch somewhere else. We can not. You may have some place in your work area where you can store a packed lunch. We do not. We're not allowed to go into any of the restaurants either. So basically our options are
1) Starve.
2) Bring something in and attempt to hide it /somewhere/ and pray that it is not stolen or thrown out. Not like work will replace it.
3) PAY. Aka take a pay CUT.


Oh but we might get a raise. Like ...a dollar. How's your math? $8 a day raise. Minus $6 for lunch. That's an extra $2 a day. $10 a week. This is a raise.

Really, they are poor. The largest, most profitable casino and not paying taxes. The heart bleeds for them.

Did I mention they plan to outsource this new cafeteria staff thereby cutting the number of employees they have to pay and the insurance they have to cover? I should.

They're poor. Fire the staff. That always helps. They've been doing A LOT of that in the past year. I mean, like you wouldn't believe.

While I'm on a work rant - They have notified us that our 'bonus' checks will now be dependent upon performance. No, not just our performances. It's also our section's performance and our department's performance and the casino's performance. In fun multiple categories! And...THEY will tell us IF we make our 'target goals'. In all these categories.

I've mentioned that this is the world's most profitable casino and has increased its profit every year it has been open, including last year. Record breaking profits last year. But we were 1% (2%?) under what the bean counters /projected/ for our profits and they were entirely irked and oh so grudgingly gave out our bonuses.
Do you suppose the executives got bonuses last year? You know, for all the money they saved the place by cutting the employees throats like they did.
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