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Share and share the like

First, pick a website from your Favorites folder and share.

This is the newest addition to mine.
Not that I wanted to keep that specific page, but the site has a search box you can type in the name of a town and get ancestry info, which I know some of you might be interested in. And there's a link to a UK version. I'm liking poking around aka wasting my BRAIN TIME. ;)

Second, pick a LJ community or person that your other friends may not be watching and maybe they should.

For me that's Movies In 15 Minutes. THE funniest movie reviews ever. Hurry and you can catch the wonderful V for Vendetta one. OMG so funny and I haven't seen the movie. I really want to get her book. :>

Need incense? I've got a package of Airs Aroma Wands in the Shaman scent that I've had for YEARS in an open bag and it /still/ stinks. Err, smells. Good stuff. if you can't find them locally. The Shaman scent is a strong spicy 'masculine' scent, btw.

This one I don't have an answer for yet. If you could be a patron saint of something - what would it be? Like if you were the patron saint of sunflowers people would see them and think of you. If they felt sunflowers cheered them up they might call on you when they were feeling down. That kind of a thing. If they needed a quick VanGogh fix.

A poem that you have memorized. Hopefully one you like. Mark, at work today, recited a Robert Frost poem. You know, the one with "The woods are lovely dark and deep"? The only poem I have memorized that isn't a song is Jabberwocky from Alice in Wonderland. Actually it is book two, Through the Looking Glass but some of you might not have gotten that right off. Most of the way down the page on this site.
In school my English teacher assigned us to memorize and recite a poem. I immediately put my hand up and asked if I could do it now. Do you know, he had the chops to interrupt me and not accept it because I didn't know how to pronounce the words? As if people chatter on about 'slithy toves' out 'gimbling' in the garden on a day to day basis. I was frumious, to say the least. The manxome man.

Oh yes, and can you recommend a CD?

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