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Happy Valentine's

Okay, I hope everyone had a fairly happy Heart day. It's Heart Month, btw.
I didn't do nuffin! I took the day off because it was horrible icy out. Normally I'd be the one to go in during bad weather because /someone/ has to be there and I'd rather it be me over poor schmucks who have to drive long distances. (I'm a stone throw from work. No, I've never tried it, but I've been tempted.) But as I was laying there at 6am, much like now, listening to the ice coming down I started thinking about all of those schmucks who refused to take part in the strike. You know what? THEY can drive into work in the horrible weather if they like it so much. Nyah!
Of course I'm going to be written up AGAIN for not calling in more than an hour before my shift started. I hit the snooze alarm once too many times. Hey, 2 hours of sleep will do that. But I'm going to go in and yell at them anyway. I'm going to tell them that I was trying to get to work and my car wouldn't make it and that they are writing me up for TRYING TO GET TO WORK. Like when I got a flat tire. And when my car stalled and wouldn't start again. You know, things DO happen. Stop writing me up for something this stupid. And what they actually factually want is for people to call in TWO HOURS before the start of their shift. What insanity is that?? Does anyone who lives less than a half an hour away from work really get to work two hours before the start of their shift? If yes then GET THEM DRUGS.
I have no problem staying late. I never complain about that. But telling me that I /must/ be at work long before I will ever get paid for it? No. No, you are not paying for that time and you are not entitled to that time. You get what you pay for. You want to make it a nicer place to be then we'll talk. But you have no free entitlement. And if you don't want anything bad to ever happen anytime, anyplace then click your Effin heels together and take your meds. Buy me a new car. Buy me a condo. Buy me a cook and a maid and a vet who will make house-alls. Buy me perfect weather and perfect hair. Buy me meds. Buy me a real doctor who will really fix me. Buy me sleep. Buy Buy.
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