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Odds n ends thoughts

Songs that changed my life: i was maybe 1st grade when a friend played her mother's little record of "In The Mood". This introduced me to the notion that 'old' music,stuff no longer on the radio or in pop culture, could be awesome and deserving respect.
Also The Pink Panther theme which taught me in grade school that if you really want to play a song you /can/ figure it out. Note by note. My high school peers were shocked by this concept when i shared it with them. The teacher was surprised when we started playing.

Holiday party at work was...ok. No booze. Loud dance music. Food was ok. Oh but the french toast bread pudding was Tasty! and still my favorite even over eggnog cheesecake. What is opera cake and does it taste so good you sing?
The Santa they hired for picture was a super nice guy who posed with everyone just as serious or silly as they asked. Didnt even get phased when people wanted a picture with them choking him with a giant candy cane. That is professionalism. And his outfit! I had to costume fangirl a bit over it. Red plush jacket n pant with wide fur trim, soft white gloves, a beautiful subtle star pin in his hat, a giant ruby studded fancy gold "santa key", a big gold class ring with the initials S C, and...a big brass belt buckle shaped like a garland with a prancing reindeer inside. Stunning. I took pictures of him but they are slightly blurred, dangit. My only quib was his boots looked rubber, but that is my own asthetic preference for leather boots as more authentic-ish.
He spoke with such pride and fondness for his outfit, which you know he bought for himself, that i kinda wonder what it might be like to be a Mrs Claus myself? Santa Claus conventions. Santa Claus clubs. There must be a whole network out there.
But i dont know if i could put up with any man, even Santa, every day Mrs Claus. ;) beside i am just not kinky enough to be all "ooo, hitch up the sliegh, big boy. I been naughty!"

Song: eartha kitt I'm Getting Nothing For Christmas Because I Didn't Want To Be Bad". Which isnt the title but it will let you find it. I still prefer her version of Santa Baby to zny other. Look for the one where she is wearing a fur wrap and nothing else.

Should i get a yule log cake? I dont know if i've ever had one. Mother always serves ice cream and panatone.

Mother is upset because she gained 2 pounds at Thanksgiving. *facepalm*

It is 5 degrees out? Windchill easily sending it below zero. I am not keen to go outside. Ha!
Reminds me of the joke. Guy is looking at the thermometer reading zero when his wife asks,"What's the temp?"
"There isn't one."
Get it? Zero? No degrees? Maybe you had to be there.

I'd have you look for the series "wednesday addams as an adult" but you are prob going to find porn instead and blame me. Nyah.

Heat miser! I could totally be sitting here watching heat miser and his sexy brother Cold miser. Why am i talking to you?
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