alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Head not right

Sunday i could tell something was wrong and it wasnt a cold. Tooth infection? Yes indeed. I tried self medicating but by Monday night it was beyond me. Head swimming, face numb, cant concentrate. Tuesday went 2'dentist who confirmed it. Which means my brain isnt working but i am not imagining things. Yay!
No, you have no idea what it is like having an infection only you cant get a doctr to agree and give meds. I know. Also know how close to lethal i have been.
A couple years ago a filling cracked a tooth which led to a root canal and a crown. "Need 2 try 2 save the tooth!"
3 years and over $5,000 later and now they want to pull it and put in an implant. I'm not against the idea, just the wasting of 3 years and $5000. I could have spent the same time nd money and be a year or 2 into fully healed with an implant by now. Hrumph.

I still csn not brain. My head is still swimming. It is 24 hours into antibiotics. I am not sure what is going on. :/ Not getting better.

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