alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

It is December

Already?? Where did the year go?? Who authorized this?!

I am NOT in a holiday mood. I have been chewing over a decoration theme for my windows and finally settled on "giant candy". My front door is all rectangular windows which makes putting anything inside up against the glass very difficult to see. I'm not putting anything outside to get stolen. But i figured i could take wide red ribbon and tape it diagonally and it would suggest a giant candy cane against the white blind. Cool. One giant candy something in the 4 front windows and Done! Plus could be left up until new year without tooooo much fuss.
Store had no ribbon. Store had nothing for the windows. Crap.

Yesterday my boss was coughing his lungs up. " i've been sick for a week and now it has moved into my chest!" Hack! Cough! Wheeze!
He stands right behind me all day. Hack! Cough! Wheeze!
That anti-bacteria lotion is useless against someone coughing on you. No surprise there.
I am now sick...


On the slightly brighter side i /did/ remember that i have ZINC, the anti-cold wonder drug! I even remembered to take some. Fingers crossed. I mean i do feel far less crudly than this morning. Please, no sicky?

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