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DVDs vs the Theater

DVDs. I don't much like them. Some of you know this.

I buy movies. I take them home, heave them on top of the pile of unwatched and...never watch them. So why do I buy them? I don't know. Some are cheap. Some I just have to have.
But here's the thing. Most of the ones that I have to have? They are films I watched in the theater.
The movie house. The theater. Plunking down good money to sit in the dark with total strangers for the joy of having giant flickering images play across your retinas while your ears are blasted by surround sound. You settle in, cuddling your vat of popcorn, propping your feet illegally upon the seat in front of you and you feel...happy. You chat with your chosen movie partner(s) and laugh at the newest ad that tells you not to talk during movies. Well, they /are/ funny. Lately you roll your eyes and try not to pay too much attention to the frecking commercials they stab into your life - that you PAID for. Then you watch the previews and chat about which ones you want to see and which ones you will avoid like a broken sewer line.

And watch a movie. On a screen so large it is your world for 2 hours. You're there with the other people. You can feel them around you. Hear them, like a bonus soundtrack echoing your reactions. After the show you are part of the chattering throng, digesting the movie, coming to a first consensus. You talk about it for days. You talk about it with friends, coworkers, and total strangers while standing in line. You think and you talk and you think some more.

The movies I remember best I have seen in the theater. I can look at a movie title and connect it to the people I saw it with. How old I was. Where I lived at the time.

Watch a movie at home and what do you get? Another night in front of the tube.

Being able to record TV shows is doing much the same. We've lost the Water Cooler. In fact now there's more that we /can't/ talk about at the water cooler. "No! Stop! I haven't watched my TIVO yet." "It was 3 weeks ago." "I know. I've got half a season on there I'm trying to find time to get to." Must See TV has become Eeeeeh When I Get To It.

BTW: I have well over a thousand video tapes. I used to watch them. Lately I tape shows (while I'm watching the show) and add the rattling carcass of cartridge to the stacks of the Great UnWatched.
I'm up to 11 DVDs. Don't get excited.
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