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Not politics!

First for my MFU fans, i had a lot of fun imagining what the boys might have worn for halloween when they were kids. Now after watching The Avengers "Superlative 7" and its preview I wonder what costumes our adult men would pick 2 attend a fancy drezs party? Cassanova? Nerd scientist? Napoleon? :)

The naming of Russians is a serious matter. It isn't just one of your holiday games..." Lol he does look like he has 3.

For my Cumbercookies- you will crack up watching Benadict doing Mad Lib theatre on the Tonight Show. Hee!
I'm going 2 try 2 see Dr Strange. You?

K, been pondering this. Halloween costumes. Dressing as Mexican banditos i hear is apparently racist. Bad? If in everyday life you try to wear rapper style or whatever, i hear that is cultural appropriation. Also bad? Then this weekend i hear someone saying their town is being "invaded" by Somali refugee families and that they are not assimilating. The Somalis say, "i go to work, i drive a car, i care for my family, i pay taxes. What more do i have to do?"
So...racism, cultural appropriation and assimilation. Hmm. How many coins do we need?

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