alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Can't leave it alone

K, wbat really bothers me is assaulting women "and they let you because you're a celebrity!"
This grates because women don't /let/ you. You grabbed, groped and put your mouth on women because you belived you could get away with it. Normal people dont do that. It is offensive.
You thought you could get away with it because women did not...WHAT? Wbat did they not do? What the ///F/// are WE supposed to do? What is it? What are you accepting as an indication that this is u welcome behavior?
Are we supposed to shove you away? How big are you anyway? Are you sure they didnt step back or turn away? Are you sure you didnt swoop in, assault and get out of range? Are you sure? No because you're not expecting to look for those signals, only encouraging signals and if you dont get those then obviously she was neutral. But they all want you cuz you're such a catch. All the ones you want want you. Right?
Are we supposed to slap your face? There's a classic. Why dont you see that anymore? Well prob because men hit back. Seriously. Plus we arent programed for it now. "Girls dont hit."
Are we supposed to scream? Make a scene? K, they /we/ get faulted for "over-reacting". We are labeled as emotionally unstable.
Are we zupposed to say "no, stop, this is unwelcome advance?" Dude. If you didnt know it already you are not going to take out word for it. "But that's not wbat she /meant/. Girls saaaay that but they have to play coy. She sent clear signals. I know."

So arsehead, what exactly are we /supposed/ to do? Hmm?

And btw if you know an answer then you should zlready also know No Means No. Assault is Assault. Maybe you dont have to ask for permission every single step of tbe way but once you get your first NO, however it is given, physically or verbally, big or small - you Stop!and back the hell off. You make it okay to say No.
<.< >.>
Yeah kinda burns me.
They let me. Such ignorance and arrogence.

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