alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

October political

Well the VP debate is coming up. You gonna watch? do you care?

Saturday Night Live did a great bit on the debate. Highly recommend. Most reviewers are praising Alec but to me,no, she has the best lines.

And omg yesterday Him calling military with PTSD less, well, able to hack it than others? It's staggeringly...I dunno what's the word when you're 5 steps beyond stupid and ignorant? Can I use him as an adjective? I would but I don't want to give his cursed name any more play. Not on my time.
Hitler. Baron Munchausen. Nerf football.

*blink* I wonder how many pumpkins will be inflicted by the likeness this year?
<.< >.> On purpose or otherwise! LOL

Don't miss The Late Show stuff either. Stephen's a peach. I should check out Full Frontal while I'm at it.
Tags: politics

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