alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Sticky sticky bo-bicky

tis September.  Tis time for Ren Fairs and country fairs and carnivals (again) and corn mazes.
What are your autumn plans (when we get there)?

Do you have a favorite fall fashion you're itching to break out?

Is there a foodie treat you're waiting for (even if you'll be sick of it by over-exposure in a week)?
Inquiring minds want to know, you know.

Is there a program starting in the Fall I should be watching?

Are you 'looking forward to' the Debates?  Are you digging a hole and hiding?

Are you planning to vote at all?  Have you registered my Yankee friends?

P.S. if I missed it in my own journal - thank you Gene Wilder and peace to you.
Tags: sticky

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