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le sigh

Mother does not trust me.  My mother does not listen to me.

She's pulling out of a parking spot.  From my vantage point of the passenger seat I see she's getting close to the SUV next to her and since her attention is on traffic behind her I try to warn her.  "Watch your left front corner".  Mother looks around.  "Left?  Left?"
"Your.  Left.  Front.  Corner."
"What's left?"
"You're getting a little close to the SUV"
"Oh!  I was looking for a child or car or something."

later in the day after we argued over something she said "We don't communicate well.  You say LEFT LEFT LEFT! and I don't know what you mean!  When you do that it only irritates the driver."
*headdesk*  No we don't communicate well.  I didn't shout I was perfectly calm because it wasn't an emergency.  I made sure to clearly say all three words.  You were not listening and thus have the impression.

When we were fixing her leaking window...well, everything is on Mom's schedule.  She says We are doing it NOW.  Okay.  We are clearing away starting in the corner she directs.  Okay.  We are doing it with her system.  Okay.  And we are done as soon as she is tired.  I notice we are NOT done and try to proceed.  "It's MY house!" she insists.  I say, "And you don't want a leaking window!"  So she goes in and I finish.  Then she gets upset that I continued working because she wasn't there to supervise.
Which is INSANE.  If anyone else in the family had been doing it she'd have been fine and happy.  But she clearly doesn't trust her daughter to do anything right.

it just goes on and on.

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