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Did I mention the Hang drum instrument before?  also called a Spacedrum or Handpan.  Basically it is an upside-down steel drum which actually adds in the round-tone, lingering effect of a bell.  Which makes it mostly used for New Age-ish sound music.  If you like that kinda thing.  I can groove to it sometimes.  But it kinda seems a waste to confine the thing to one style.  IMHO
More medieval and lively.  The guy is really good!
More..electronic sounding?  If that makes sense with no electronics

Oh the things you get suggested when you wander Youtube.  I had zero idea that "water drumming" was even a thing!

i do not recommend Precision Walking.  And human towers or Castellers are...I don't know.  Humans in groups do things.

rickie Lee Jones: Up a Lazy river
Eilen jewell:  Too Hot To Sleep
Dustbowl Revival: Down By the Riverside

isn't it a pity.  Doesn't seem to be a shadow in the city.  One man's ceiling is another man's floor.
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