alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Argh. and argh again.

I'm recording secretary for a large committee which about 6 months ago lost its ever-loving mind and decided to allow in an angry mob.  Meaning the 1/5 hr meeting was 2 hours of solid fighting and stupidity.  Which I got to try to boil down to 3 pages of minutes of the meeting.  HA HAHAHAHA *wham*
We just had a follow-up meeting which was 2.5 hours of fighting.  a solid hour of that was complaining about my minutes of the last meeting.  HAHAHAHA *wham*

Okay, bubbles, you need to be aware that I am a /volunteer/.  I don't have access to a computer.  I have ZERO interest in spending a couple hundred bucks on a computer just so YOU can get to argueing about them sooner.  HAHAHAHA No.  I see your point that you'd like them sooner but no.  However I'm quite willing to work with you on this.  I will /happily/ accept any donated computer you care to gift me with!  That would be swell.  :)

I have discovered the Manic in my previously diagnosed borderline Manic/Depressive.  Never had the manic before.  Lots of depressive bouts but never manic.  I thought Manic was supposed to be fun and productive?  I haven't really slept in over a month.  I'm wound up like a broken music box.  My blood pressure is hammering.  Nothing seems to help with this  or have any greater effect than anything ever made a dent in my depression.  I'm kinda over the Depression past couple years which is great.  This Manic thing may well kill me.  
Tags: health, mood, work whines

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